"We use PVDF Alucosmith for Architecture wall cladding"

Alucosmith® Aluminum Composite Panel for Architecture:

15 Years

Alucosmith® Aluminum Composite Panels composed of a polyethylene core between two aluminum sheets, and coated with Polyester resin and extra-durable PVDF(fluorocarbon) resin as a composite structure with features excellent character such as fire proof, water proof, heat-insulated,sound-insulated and resistance against corrosion,pollution and wear..

*architecture is a directional product - please install panels in the same direction (directional arrows are shown on the protective film)
*We guarantee 15years without fade for exterior application for PVDF coating.


Aluminum Composite Material


  • Overall Thickness: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm
  • Aluminum skin thickness: 0.30mm/0.30mm, 0.40mm/0.40, 0.50mm/0.50mm
  • Width: 1220mm,1250mm,1300mm,1500mm,1550mm
  • Coating: PVDF, FEVE (high weatherability)

Technical Specifications

Testing item Standard Result
Unit weight ASTM D792 t3mm=4.6kg/m² t4mm=5.5kg/m²
outdoor temperature resistance ASTM D1654 No abnormity
Thermal expansion ASTM D696 3.0x10-5°C-1
Thermal deformation temperature ASTM D648 115°C-1
Thermal conduction ASTM 976 0.102kcal/°C
Flexural rigidity ASTM C393 14.0x105
Impact resistance ASTM D732 1.650kgf
Adhesive strength ASTM D903 0.74kgf/mm
Sound-insulating rate ASTM E413 29
Flexural Elasticity ASTM D790 4055kg/mm²
Shear resistance ASTM D732 2.6kgf/mm²
Minimum bending radius ASTM D790 (LO)45mm(PO)70mm
Fire propagation ASTM E84 Qualified
Smoke developed ASTM E84 <45
Wind-pressure resistance ASTM E330 Passed
Properties against water ASTM E331 Passed
Properties against air ASTM E283 Passed
Testing item Standard Result
Finish coat thickness ISO 2360 (CNS 8406) 27.6um
Gloss ASTM D532-89 20-45%
Pencil hardness ASTM D3363-00 2H
Toughness ASTM D4145-83 2T no rift
Adhesice force ASTM 3359-97 4B
Impact resistance ASTM D2794-93 >
Abrasion resistance ASTM D968-93 64.6L/mil
Mortar resistance ASTM 605.2-91 24hrs No blister
Humidity resistance ASTM D714-97 3000hrs No blister
  ASTM D2247-02  
Boiling-water resistance ASTM D3359-B Passed
Salt-spray resistance ASTM B117-03 3000hrs No blister
Acid resistance ASTM D1308-87 No effect
  AAMA 605.2-91, TEST#7, 7.31  
Alkail resistance ASTM D1308-87 Passed
Solvent resistance ASTM D2248-73 Passed
  ECCA T5&NCCA NO.11-18  
Color retention ASTM D2244-93 ▲E=0.34
Chalk resistance ASTM D4214-98 No Chalking
Gloss retention ASTM D2244-93 84.2%

Standard Colour Range

Solid Color

Milky White High-Gloss Supper White White
Light Yellow Soft Green Soft Blue
Lemon Peak Green Sea Blue
Orange Dark Green Dark Blue
China Red Grey Black

Metallic Color

Pearl White Metallic Silver Bright Silver
Champagne Silver Bright Golden Gold

FEVE Finish


Special Finish

Mirror Silver Mirror Gold Nano Bronze Metallic
Antique Copper Brushed Copper Brushed Silver

Special Color

AS-3701 Dreamax AS-3703 Dreamax AS-3705 Dreamax
Wild Cherry Mahogany Black Satin

Alucosmith® can also be colour matched to almost any RAL colour - allowing corporate colours to be matched with ease.

Fire-Resistant (FR) Alucosmith® Aluminum Composite Panel

Panel Performance: conforms to Standard GB/T17748-1999

FR Conforms to:
Country Standard Grade
China GB 8624 B-s1,d0,t0
Europe EN13501 B-s1,d0
U.K. BS 476 0、1

Class A (FR) Alucosmith® Aluminum Composite Panel technical data:

Test Item
Test Methods
B Grade Index
Test Value
1 FIGRA(FIGRA),W/s GB/T20284-2006 B
3 Passed
2 THR600s(THR600s),m GB/T20284-2006 ≤7.5 0.4
3 LFS,m GB/T20284-2006 <Sample Size Conform
4 Fs,㎜ GB/T8626-88 ≤150 0
5 SMOGRA,㎡/s2 GB/T20284-2006 s1 ≤30 0 Passed
6 TSP600s,㎡ GB/T20284-2006 ≤50 35
7 Burning Drop GB/T20284-2006 d0 600s?No drop Conform Passed
8 Filter Paper Burn or Not GB/T8626-88 Filter Paper No Burn Conform
9 Smoke Toxicity ,Grade GB/T20285-2006 t0 Conform to ZA1 ZA1 /
10 Core Heating Value,MJ/kg GB/T14402-93 / 11.7
AL Heating Value,MJ/kg GB/T14402-93 0
Coating Heating Value,MJ/㎡ GB/T14402-93 0.4
Panel Heating Value,MJ/kg GB/T14402-93 5.8

Fire-Resistant (FR) Alucosmith® Aluminum Composite Panel Test:

Burning Contrast Test:

Alucosmith High FR Grade(A2*) ACP Reputation

Nanometer Alucosmith® Aluminum Composite Panel

Alucosmith® nanometer Aluminum Composite Panel uses of high-tech nanometer-coating technology which makes the aluminum compsoite panel has much performance superior to the traditional polyester and PVDF panel. With the self-cleaning function, Nanometer Alucosmith® can always keep clean without any cleaning work. It always looks like new building wall even after 10 years application. Nanometer Alucosmith® aluminum composite panels are mainly applied to the high-grade building walls, star-rated hotels, convention centers, aireports, gas stations..... Especially in the area in serious air pollution.

Features of Nanometer Alucosmith®:


1) Anti-dirty

2) Anti-graffiti

3) Anti-scald

4) Self-cleaning


The dirt will not be easily attached to the surface because of the compact nanometer coating. The dirt would automatically break down under the ultraviolet.